We Make Sure Your shoes fit properly.
No one is too old for LILYSOLE - 101 Years old

May is 101 years old and takes so much pride in the way she looks . How fantastic does she look in these Molly Black Velvet. May was so happy with her new perchase.

 Tisa Loves LILYSOLE

​​Tisa wears her LILYSOLE shoes to work. The colours go with so many outfits and are comfortable.

Tatianna Has lived in joggers for years.

​Tatianna is so excited as the only shoes she could wear before LILYSOLE shoes were joggers. She found it veru hard to find shoes to fit her narrow foot. We spent time finding the perfect shape and she now owns 7 pairs of LILYSOLE shoes.



Lilysole Shoes at Penshurst Podiatry
lilysole shoes at penshurst podiatry
Lilysole shoes at penshurst Podiatry
Lilysole shoes at Penshurst Podiatry
 Clemence Loves LILYSOLE.

Comfortable and stylish.


a personal trainor tested her LILYSOLE shoes out on the treadmill.

Another happy customer wearing her new LILYSOLE shoes home.


Has had so many problems finding comfortable shoes for her bunions. Her heels are narrow and forefoot wide due to bunions. The Elastic top was perfect and comfortable.


Julene walked all day in the city painfree in her LILYSOLE sandals

Grace can't remember the last time she wore open shoes.

She couldn't decide so bought both!

Donna Loves the comfort of LILYSOLE

Vikki is addicted to Lilysole


Michelle loves LILYSOLE

Teachers deserve to be comfortable and look great. Conor looks gorgeous in her LILYSOLE!

Lorainne loves LILYSOLE for walking miles at the new Cancer clinic.

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